Do you believe reincarnation? Here's the story about my Pugs, Juju and Yuanyuan

I can’t believe I have adopted Yuanyuan for 3 years! For me, she’s still the little girl I met on the first day.

When I lost Juju, in my heart I heard Juju tell me she would come back soon. I told Juju clearly I only want to adopt a Pug because Juju was abandoned by a backyard breeder after a litter. I have no idea how is possible to adopt a Pug if I don’t even send an application when my heart is still hurting. But Juju insisted that she will come home. She even gave me the specific date. At that time I only told my hubby because I thought I was crazy. But my hubby believes me.

When the “date” came, I sat at home and thought: I am going to stay at home all day. How is possible that someone will knock on my door and give me a Pug?
And then I opened my phone, I got the email from @pugnationla to ask me if I want to adopt a Pug! 😭 I was shocked! There were five puppies waiting for adoption and I was nervous if I don’t recognize which one is Juju. Juju said no worries because I am the only one who will greet you and kiss you. 😊 I was doubtful but yes Yuanyuan is the only one who hugged me right away and kissed me endlessly! 😭❤️ I am not a person who attaches to a dog easily and I even resisted them into my heart after Juju passed away. But at that moment I cried immediately and I knew it’s my baby coming home! It’s the unexplainable connection between us…. And other puppies did run away from me or not pay any attention to me no matter how I tried. 😳 We joked that maybe Juju warned them not to get in touch with us before we came 😂

Yuanyuan has Juju’s personality and memories. She was a 3 months puppy but she knew the place where Juju pees, eats, and sleeps, from the first day. We never trained her but she lives like that she has been here for a long time. And my Frenchie, Nana, recognized her right away. Although Nana was 3 years old, she respected and was even a little scared of Yuanyuan like her big sister, Juju.😂
Until today I still feel it’s like a dream. I appreciate the Universe gives us the second chance. I don’t know how long is the journey in this life. But I will always love you and give you my best, my sweet Juju/Yuanyuan. ❤️