Juju+Nana (Former name: JujupugNanafrenchie)

Hello, my name is Katherine. My husband and I adopted JuJu from LA PugNation rescue. She was abandoned and tied to a pole on the street after she had a litter. That was the first time I "adopt" a dog instead of purchasing. And JuJu evokes my compassion to help other dogs who have a similar past.

JuJu was also returned twice due to her behavior issues. She kept attacking animals in past families. I'm her third one and the forever one. It took me a long time to train her. Now she changed from a "little devil" to mommy's "sweet angel"!!

We found out Juju has MCT cancer on the second day we adopted her. She also had three tumors. I remembered I sit on the couch and counting her medical bills - every surgery cost thousands of dollars... I worried our life may become miserable when she's sicker. But when I looked at her eyes I decided to keep her.

I remembered at the beginning I keep telling myself: don't love her too much because she may die very soon and I will break my heart. But no way, she just walked into my world and opened that door. Every day I love her more.

After three times of tumor surgeries, we started holistic treatments and homemade cooking. We had a fabulous three years.

Unfortunately, she had another cancer - Sarcoma in 2018. We did the spleen removal surgery but there were many tumors in her liver. We tried everything to buy more time ( According to the vet she only had 1 month....) But we made it for almost 6 months! Eventually, my little girl passed away during her sleep at home. It hurt me deeply and I miss her every day. Sometimes I still feel angry for all these happened. I feel angry for her tragedy life...why she had to die when she finally has a family?

Watch the video of honoring my little Cancer warrior, Juju.


She's also my hubby's first dog. We've known each other for more than 15 years. And he's always an optimistic and happy guy. I never saw him cry. The only time I saw him cry, is in the emergency room the vet wanted us to put Juju down. He cried like a baby. And that's how I know only dog can give so much love........

She also changed my life - before I adopted her, I barely had no friends after I immigrated to the USA. When I adopted her, she was an escape master from the harnesses. That's why I started to sew her first velcro harness. And that's how I started my small handmade shop! I got to know more people who really love dogs or who also have Cancer dogs. We encourage and support each other! I started to have more friends! I also donate my handmade items for rescues auctions and PayPal to rescues regularly. The shop also helps my dogs' medical bills...And it helps me to work at home to stay with my dogs all the time. I have a better life and they're the reason I work hard. Those things make me feel my small business is helping more dogs and I love it!

However, the story between Juju and I never ends... I always believe we will meet again one day because there's a very deep bond/connection between us both. I can’t see this ending just because she has gone to the other side. Of course, I'm still very hurt. But in the meanwhile, there's a voice always telling me we will meet again soon. I started to read/watched many videos/articles about animal reincarnation and animal communication.
I know some people don't believe reincarnation. I was not sure either until I personally experienced it! I still feel it's like a dream, but it is true!🙂

The short story is that when I tried to learn AC on my own, I feel Juju always "told" me she will be back in three months. She also told me the exact date and she will be back as a "pug puppy". At that moment I thought I was crazy. Since Juju was abandoned by a backyard breeder, I don't plan to purchase a Pug puppy. So I think I will adopt another adult from a rescue and it's impossible that Juju will come back ro me as a puppy. However, somebody did "give me a puppy" at "THE EXACT DATE" Juju told me! And guess what? It's from Juju's rescue: Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles! I have never forgotten how shocked I felt when they contacted me - I even didn't send an application to them....

So.... Isn't it amazing that the rescue suddenly asks me to adopt a puppy?! Especially they usually only have senior Pugs... And my new puppy knows things that only Juju knows. She also has too many commons with Juju!  The way I live with her just like I live with Juju. And we have the same connection. 

Our new puppy's name is Yuan Yuan. Yuan is "緣" in Mandarin. Yuan means fate or destiny. It's the gift God brings to our family and it's a destiny she joins our family at this moment!!❤️

 This is the first we met Yuanyuan!


Oops! I forgot to mention that in 2016, JuJu met her little Frenchie sister - Nana who has IVDD. They have very different personalities. JuJu is always nervous and insecure. Nana is happy and relaxed. They became the best sisters. They played, ate, and slept together.

After Juju passed away, Nana had serious separation anxiety. She recognizes Yuanyuan is Juju right away and "respect" her as a big sister, which is unbelievable because Yuanyuan was only a 3 months puppy. But Yuanyuan always leads Nana just like Juju did. And since that day, Nana's anxiety was cured immediately! Yuanyuan comforted her just like Juju did before - how could a 3 months puppy take care of a 3 years old adult dog? Everything around Yuanyuan is incredible...


Of course, there're more stories behind the scene. It's a long journey that how I found Juju back ( Or I should say how God sent her home!) And I can't wait to share the whole journey.

I truly hope this amazing story can comfort people who had the same pain as I had. And please believe everything is possible!!! We feel so blessing. I will definitely share the whole story in the future, I just need time to write since I have to write it in English!😆😆😆

 It always makes me very happy walking my dogs with these unique outfits, and I'm thrilled to make you and your baby have the same joy just like mine.