Care instructions

Flowers and bow ties are recommended to hand wash only, it helps to keep your accessory's shape. Hand wash also helps glued stone/resin flatback not fall from the accessory.

Harnesses, leashes, collars, hand wash is also recommended. 😊 Or, if you need to put it in the washer, please use a laundry bag and on a low/gentle cycle.

After washing, lay flat to dry. Please do not use dryer. ❤️

Fabric softener should never be used with any pet accessories.

For the fabric harness, we recommend only wearing them when walking/going outside. The harness is not designed for them to wear 24 hrs at home.
Dogs prefer to stay as nature intended! 😊
Wearing an outfit for a long time could cause irritation for dogs skins or bring stress. And if the dog constantly scratches on the harness, it could cause the fabrics destruction quickly.