Cancellation policy:

If you want to cancel your order, please contact me in 48 hrs after you place your order. We won’t be able to cancel it after 48 hrs timeframe.

After March 1, 2020, Shopify will no longer refund the transaction fee to sellers when the buyer cancels the order.
So if the buyer decides to cancel the order, we will charge a 3% restocking fee. (That's the transaction fee we pay to Shopify)  
We appreciate your understanding!

Exchange/Return policy:

What to cover:

If the issue is my fault or product defects, I will definitely take care of it. Please contact me in 7 days (from the date you receive the product.)

If I accept the return/exchange, the item needs to be shipped back to us in 7 days.
If I accept the reorder, the reorder need to be placed in 7 days.
Exchange/reorder needs to be the same print of the item.
The return/exchange/reorder window will be automatically closed after the deadline.

What NOT to cover:

It is important for the buyer to read through the descriptions and order the correct size. Every item is handmade by order. Please understand that I can't resell an item that your pet has tried on. And 90% of the price in each item is the time cost to make these items.
Hence, items are NO return/exchange if the buyer ordered the wrong size. But we do offer a discount to help buyers reorder the correct size, please check the photo below to see our return/exchange policy!

We don't do return/exchange for the physical damage due to external causes.
EX: Your dog chews to break the buckle. The fabric was ripped down from the center due to rub on a rough/sharp surface or animal scratches. Physical damages are NOT product defects.

For the fabric harness, we recommend only wearing them when walking/going outside. The harness is not designed for them to wear 24 hrs at home.
Dogs prefer to stay as nature intended! 😊
Wearing an outfit for a long time could cause irritation for dogs skins or bring stress. And if the dog constantly scratches on the harness, it could cause the fabrics destruction quickly. And our shop policy do not cover this damage.

3 months warranty
If your hardware is broken in 3 months, such as leash hook broken, collar buckle broken... We do offer Free repair service!  



Juju+Nana is not responsible for any injury or loss caused by the use or misuse of my products.