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Thank you for stopping by our FAQ to answer any questions you may have. We try to respond to all emails/messages in a timely matter. Since we are crafters often times we are busy making your lovely orders vs. sitting in front of the computer. Most of the time the answers will be in this FAQ or description. If you don't see your questions here please send us an email

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Handmade harness...What are the differences?

Here's how I always do:
I recheck with every buyer after they place orders. I ask them to provide the measurements (chest girth and neck base), and then I customize the harness on the existing sizes according to the measurements. (I don't charge an additional fee for that) I remeasure every harness I made before I ship, to check my harness to match the measurements.

By the way, I always additional 1 inch according to the neck base measurements. EX: Your dog's neck base is 14" so I will make 15" - so that he can wear the harness comfortably. So..make sure you don't measure your dog "too loosely"

A harness for a puppy, suggestions?

I can provide a general guide for your dog. 
However, you can never predict how big a puppy will grow even if you know the current weight. I can add some additional length for your items FOR FREE. But there's still a chance that your fur baby needs a bigger size in the future.


If I tell you my dog's weight, could you give me a size suggestion?

Even if dogs who have the same weights don't mean that they must wear the same sizes. Just like two humans who are both 110 lbs may wear different sizes because one is very tall and another is short. 

So, measuring your dog would be the best way to get a harness to fit your baby. Please check the photo on the product listing to show you how to measure.

Also, if your dog's chest/neck measurement is at the bottom or top of the size, I can work on cutting or adding the additional length of your item FOR FREE. 


Do you make harnesses for large dog breeds?

I do have a few buyers purchasing harnesses for the large dog breeds, ex: Husky and Boxer. Sometimes they will need a custom XL or XXL. But it will still depend on your baby's measurements. We definitely can figure out it together. :)


If I want you to make a harness with my own fabric?

All available fabrics are shown in my shop. If you have any preferred fabric, you can order it online and ship the fabric to me. And then I can make the item by your preferred fabric. For the harness, I will need a half yard of the fabric. You can choose your preferred trim and buckle color from my shop.

If you choose to ship your preferred fabric to my shop, you can either choose minus $5 on whatever harness size you order, or let me keep the rest of the fabrics. Since 90% of the price in each item is the cost of the time to make these items, I won't be able to provide more discounts.

Custom Sizing 

If your dog falls between sizes please let me know so I can make a custom size for you.


Production and Shipping

Please note that production time and shipping time is completely different.

Please check our shipping timeline and info from here:



Rush order service

If you need it soon please purchase rush order service and also upgrade your shipping to USPS priority mail. Please send me a note so that I can start to work on your order! It means I have to work your order in midnight. Rush order means your processing time will be 3-7 business days ( not including holidays or weekend ) vs 2-3 weeks. I charge rush order by "per item". So if you purchase three items, please put "3" on the quantity.

I create each item by hand which is a time-consuming process because of the quality of my work so to keep it fair for all of my customers I do charge a rush fee.
It's unfair to produce someone's order first if other peoples' orders have stayed in a line.

Please note that shipping times are only an estimate and not a guarantee.
I can't guarantee the actual delivery time if the delay caused by the carrier, weather, being stolen, and so on... And the order is non-returnable.

International Shipping 

We ship worldwide (yay!) International shipping will take longer depending on where you are in the world. I shipped it by USPS international first class package by tracking number. Usually, it will arrive in two weeks but sometimes can take more than 4 weeks depends on the custom. The buyer is responsible for any customs fees

Care Instructions 

For collars, we recommend washing by hand would be the best for a long-lasting collar. If you need to put it in the washer please use a laundry bag and on a low cycle. Lay flat to dry. 

For harnesses - you can wash them by hand. If you need to put it in the washer please use a laundry bag and on a low cycle.and also lay flat- otherwise, they will shrink. (I made them by cotton fabrics)

Refunds, Returns & Exchanges

If the issue is MY FAULT or a manufacturing issue I will definitely take care of it. Please contact me in 7 days if you don't feel satisfied with your order.

However, if you order the wrong size......

Please understand that I can't resell an item that your pet has tried on. Since 90% of the price in each item is the cost of the time to make these items there will be no refunds or returns. It is important for the buyer to read through the descriptions and order the correct size.

So, if ordering the wrong size:

Harnesses: No return/exchange if you didn't measure your dog correctly.

Collar: We do accept exchange. But we will charge a restocking fee of 30% of your collar if ordering the wrong size. And the buyer will be responsible for shipping the items back and to be shipped to you. 

Juju+Nana is not responsible for any injury or loss caused by the use or misuse of my products.

Thank you for being understanding!



If you have any additional questions please reach out from here:

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