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Mystery dog collar with bow tie

Mystery dog collar with bow tie

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Fundraising for Nana recovery:
From this listing, you will get a random collar with a bow tie handmade by me. And you can find lots of samples from my shop.

What happened to Nana:
Nana, my Frenchie bulldog, has an IVDD history. We never let her jump on/off any furniture or climb stairs since her first flared up. Unfortunately, 2 years later, her Intervertebral disc extrusion still caused her giant pain and sudden paralysis.
We rushed her to ER right away. When she's in ER, she also suffered respiratory distress due to pain and panic. The breathing difficulty put her life in danger. She had to stay in an Oxygen cage because of lung infection and cough blood caused by respiratory distress. The medical bill is extremely high to save her but we would never give her up. Luckily she is survived and able to breathe on her own. She's home now and ready for recovery! We will do our best to help her walk again!

The estimated quote was $23000 but eventually we paid $14823 because Nana stayed in the hospital shorter than the doctor estimated. Our pet insurance will cover $7500 but the rest of the bill is still huge. We spent most of our funds on our rescued Pug, Juju, who had a Cancer history. That's why we need this fundraising to help Nana's vet bill. All the fundraising orders will also support the fees of Nana's physical therapies and acupunctures 4 weeks later. We appreciate your order to help our family's financial difficulties.

If you want to check Nana's status you can visit our IG or FB

Processing time:
We will try to ship your order in 2 weeks. But please allow us to have several days delayed if there's a sudden situation happens on Nana. Handmade items are a time-consuming process and I'm not a quick sewer lol. Right now I'm working 12 hrs per day also spent lots of time on Nana's daily care and medical support.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you so much for supporting my small business and also helping our family.

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